Tree and Carpet Cleaning Service Businesses

Contrary to popular belief there is no shortage of trees in the southwestern deserts. If you have ever had the Palm Tree Cleaningopportunity to visit Phoenix Arizona you will have seen a very large number of trees and species. So it is not necessarily true that there are few trees in the desert. The trees that can survive in the intense heat of the desert are definitely not the same type of trees normally found north of this area. Trees that can survive in the desert are typically known as Desert adapted trees.

There are also a great number of different types of palm species found in the desert provided there is water delivered to them. But even some species of palms can survive well in the desert without a water supply. We have seen pineapple palms with trunks 5 feet in diameter that have no water supply surviving just fine in the desert heat here. Even though they are not typically the very large and tall species of trees found in northern climates in the Arizona desert there are quite a few trees of significant height and girth.

There are a great number of tall palm trees in the desert. It is not uncommon that these are near a swimming pool. Many of these palm trees produce fruit and when they do so they create a pod that is very messy that hangs from the top branches of the palm tree. These seed pods or fruit pods tend to drop quite a bit of litter and debris and of course if there is a swimming pool nearby you know exactly where it lands. So most people in the desert southwest that own palm trees will need to have them trimmed a couple times of year if they want them to be looking their best. So there is quite a bit of work for three companies to take care of just the palm trees.

Another thing unique to the desert Southwest is the intensity of the monsoon storms that occur typically from July into October. These storms can be very destructive with their high winds. It is not uncommon to see many branches and trees that have been knocked down by the fierce winds on the city and residential streets. Many homeowners choose to have their tree canopies thinned where a tree company and comes out and selectively removes branches within the tree canopy so that the tree does not catch as much wind as it normally would.

A good tree service knows which branches to remove and which to leave. It is part science and part creative artistry to make the tree look beautiful while reducing the wind load so that the tree does not get knocked over. Additionally some companies utilize an arborist to come and select the branches if it’s a valuable tree or it has unique properties that require more expertise than your typical landscaper. With the abundance of different palms growing in the desert southwest it is often necessary to keep them trimmed. Many palms produce some type of a fruit which can produce quite a lot of debris and mess. Palms or are very common around swimming pools because they do tend to drop less debris and waste compared to many other trees. Nevertheless they require regular maintenance. So you will see a lot of tree work in the desert is related to trimming the dead fronds & seed pods from the different species of palm trees. Some of these trees reach heights of 80 to 100 feet. Hire only skilled workers with the necessary equipment to safely climb in the tree of this nature. Be especially careful that the tree is healthy and can support the weight of the climber so as not to put his life in jeopardy.

There are different types of trees that require service from deciduous to evergreen. These are found all over the United States and require care. So when selecting or hiring a tree service make sure they know what they are doing because trimming tree branches can be very dangerous and the potential for accidents are high as well as property damage.

So just as cleaning is required outside for trees the inside of homes and businesses require carpet cleaning on a regular basis. Commercial carpets get a lot of wear and tear and those walking on them don’t care too much how careful they are with spills. After all it is not their carpet.

Homeowners are probably much more careful with their carpets since they have spent the money to install them. They typically don’t Continue reading “Tree and Carpet Cleaning Service Businesses”

Simple Solutions to Help You Find Quality Web Hosting

Web hosting can be complicated for people who don’t know much about web hosting providers and the respective hosting plans they are offering. Your site’s success depends on a number of factors and web hosting is one of them. After a long battle with hosting my colleague at decided to school himself. That was the inspiration for this post. Here are some suggestions and tips that can help you in looking in the right direction.

If you are looking for using server-side languages or other similar applications then go Linux hosting. Linux hosting has been known for its stability, uptime and resource use. Having a shared hosting that runs fine with Linux can save you a lot of money. However, there are some particular applications that needs Windows hosting, including MSSQL, Silverlight, Microsoft Access and

Never go for buying a free domain from the company you are Continue reading “Simple Solutions to Help You Find Quality Web Hosting”

A Successful Business and How You Can Use their Product

Skittles may perhaps be the best candy to ever be developed on the face of the entire earth. Although they are still a relatively young brand, they are one of the most successful brands available to the market, second to Starburst. They have also been sold to several countries worldwide, being especially popular to the younger generation.  This success may have led to the many varieties of flavor available in stores, anything from the classic original to Ice Cream Treats. And less importantly, they are the author’s favorite brand of candy.

So what do skittles have to do with the tree trimming? Well not a heck of a lot to be honest but many small businesses give gifts to their clients as a token of appreciation. As a matter of fact one local tree pruning service leaves behind candy for their nice clients. They feel that this little extra bit of sweetness makes it more likely that they will get repeat business.

By David Adam Kess (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
The sweet candy was launched in Europe by a British company in 1974. Five years later, in 1979, the candy was introduced in the United States as an import candy. In 1982, production under the Wrigley Company, a division of the candy giant Mars Incorporated, had begun. Skittles famous ‘Taste the Rainbow’ slogan was introduced in 1994 by the New York ad agency known as D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles. In 2009 Skittles launched an online marketing campaign, turning their website into an advertisement page, and introduced a YouTube channel, along with a Twitter and Facebook account.

Their above-mentioned Facebook page is one of the most popular on Facebook, with over 25 million followers. Skittles is ranked the number one treat amongst younger generations and number two in Continue reading “A Successful Business and How You Can Use their Product”

A day in the life of a service professional

Many people dream about being self-employed. I remember going to the office every day and looking at those people in the really nice truck that have their own business and being envious. From afar it looks like that would be so much easier than dealing with all the office politics.


Well it is true that most small businesses aren’t big enough to have much in the way of office politics. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their share of stress. While they may not have the amount of office politics an office worker might have, they have the stresses of dealing with the general public who often times have no real idea what it means to own business.

Many times people who are not business owners think that everything just goes smoothly and there are never mistakes or problems. That is far from the reality. In some cases the homeowner or client of the small business owner creates a great deal of the problem. For instance it’s not uncommon that a service provider has been contracted to do a job and had scheduled it and made all the necessary arrangements and plans. Once the job starts the client decides Continue reading “A day in the life of a service professional”

Landscaping Maintenance a Work of Art

When you’re looking at numerous pictures of beautiful houses and estates, what do they all have in common? Well, of course that would be the landscape! Our eyes are often attracted to the first beautiful thing we see, just like an insect is drawn to a bright light in the night. In the case of the houses, we were first lured to the lawn. Then our attention shifts to our potential “dream home.” With the proper landscape any old small home has the ability to match the glamor of Buckingham Palace. Or turning your backyard into your own personal oasis. If you’re trying to sell your house an amazing lawn can even increase the value of your house.

What Does Landscaping Maintenance Involve?

Landscaping is more than just Joe Schmo taking a lawn mower and hedge trimmer and going to town on his own Pavers in Landscapeyard. With the end result being an uneven eye soar of a lawn leaving Joe Schmo frustrated and dehydrated!  Landscaping involves taking elements of foreign and natural terrain then blending them into a design that fits your liking. For example, a popular trend that you may see going around with desert landscapes is taking alluring and vibrant vegetation not natively found in that area, and then combining that vegetation with some indigenous plants found in the desert. This really adds just the right amount of color to any lawn. Also, landscaping involves more than Continue reading “Landscaping Maintenance a Work of Art”